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Th3rd Coast Digital Solutions has partnered with Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University (KCAD of FSU), to launch the first-ever, Design Thinking, emerging tech innovation lab.


To explore and experiment with the 3D digital world to discover breakthrough insights, set industry standards, and develop practical solutions. 


Driven by the “Start With The ARt” mantra, a phrase coined by Cathy Hackl in 2019, we explore existing 2D User Experience / User Interface (UX/UI) principals, experiment by applying a human-centered design process to 3D and spatial computing environments, and ultimately establish standards and best practices for makers to consider when crafting XR and Industry 4.0 solutions. Our goal is simple: create delightful, deployable experiences, which provide immediate, real-world value for humanity (and our corporate sponsors of course)!


  • All Work, All Play: Knowledge Retention in Employee Training
    by Madison Princinsky on April 12, 2022

    Psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus’s forgetting curve research shows that the average learner forgets the most material, 56%, in the first hour after learning. Ebbinghaus discovered several strategies for flattening this curve including regularly spaced revision, association, and mnemonic devices. But the strategy that applies to the delivery of material and engagement is, “It’s easier to remember

  • How AR is Changing the Game. Literally.
    by Emily Webb on February 18, 2022

    Augmented Reality (AR) has slowly been creeping its way into the sports industry since the early 2000s when live tracking technologies like VAR and Hawkeye were introduced to track ball trajectories and speeds, as well as questionable referee calls. In recent years, however, there have been significant strides in the relationship between AR and sports

  • AR Contact Lenses Designed by MojoVision
    by Summer Michmerhuizen on February 15, 2022

    Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) headsets are innovative and amazing but can be impractical at times. They can be uncomfortable, bulky, and possibly unsuitable to certain work environments. MojoVision’s solution to the problem of headsets is to eliminate them entirely and create the world’s first AR contact lenses. They call this invention MojoLens. 

  • Is AR the Future of Sneaker Shopping?
    by Emily Webb on January 4, 2022

    Sneaker shopping online can be an exciting yet stressful process especially when prices for classic pairs seem to keep going up. Questioning the fit, return policy, or if they’ll even look good on is tough when viewing from a two-dimensional (2D) screen. The good news is that Augmented Reality (AR) is geared up and ready

Designing New Realities Podcast Series.

A podcast series exploring the experience side of XR experiences where each episode discusses and dissects the magical, practical, and tactical XR examples out there today, and hones in on what makes a solution usable.

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