Inspect & Collect
The Future of Manufacturing is NOW!
How Does Inspect & Collect Work?

Whether you are just starting your digital journey or are already an advanced connected operation, Inspect & Collect ™ provides a myriad of benefits never before seen, including:

  • Standardization

    Increase the integrity of your QA process by ensuring all control plans and checklists are completed the same way by all operators.

  • Traceability

    Capture time stamped photos and archive each inspection step. Keep track of everything from compliance, efficiency analysis, customer communications, staff performance measurement and much more.

  • Advanced Analytics

    Uncover previously unseen insights, from result patterns pointing to upstream equipment issues to areas of needed training for staff.

  • Automation

    Take the intelligent approach to Artificial Intelligence (AI) by creating, continuously updating, and refining a clean, human-derived dataset.

The Intelligent Approach to Artificial Intelligence


Inspect & Collect deploys in days not months!