The 4 Ways Augmented Reality Fosters Success on Service Teams

To avoid valuable downtime, companies need to employ a stable of competent service technicians, but high turnover rates and an aging workforce are presenting significant hurdles. AR is proving to be a vital answer for these challenges and is providing a step forward to the future of digital thinking in manufacturing. With more innovative AR solutions becoming available for service organizations, companies are seeing 4 big benefits.

3 Ways Augmented Reality is Changing the World of Workforce Training

As the former workforce starts to retire, 70% of service organizations will be burdened by the knowledge loss that comes along with it. Traditional methods of training rely on employees being highly precise and able to retain knowledge quickly with spot-on recognition. By integrating augmented reality training methods into the workforce, innovative and modern companies …

Augmented Reality: The Next Step to Getting Frontline Workers Back On Track.

During a time where all workers are eager to get back to their everyday routines, safety needs to be put at the forefront of every company’s new operations plans. What is the key to making a safe comeback? It may lie in transitioning to tools and solutions that utilize augmented reality. Let’s breakdown three of …